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Notes: Need info on proceedures, download forms, landscape info, recomendations such as mulch colors.

Since the park ground was owned by the Jeffco School District (JCPS), a development plan was initiated involving various governmental entities. This plan and subsequent agreements stated that:

  1. JCPS would lease the land to the Ken Caryl Ranch Metropolitan Di strict (KCRMD), under an agreement where KCR M D would supervise the construct ion of and provide ongoing management of the park.
  2. Jefferson County Open Space would contribute funds to help develop the park under the condition that the park would be available for use by all Jefferson County residents.
  3. The North Ranch would contribute funds to develop the park. The totals contributed were Open Space $175,000, the North Ranch $113,000 and the KCRMD $14,378.
  4. The North Ranch would sign an agreement with KCRMD stating that the KCRMD would not schedule any organized sports events at the park so that the park would be available on a first come first served basis. Also, the agreement said that KCRMD would have no responsibility to monitor or manage the activity use in the park.

At the end of the meeting, Ruth Sundberg expressed  her  personal  opinion  that  in  a  scenario where two or three children were playing on the field, she felt that it would be appropriate  for a sports team to tell the  children to relinquish the field so that the sports team could  use it. The majority of the North Ranch board is against this idea. Our board feels that the rights of the children using the field should supersede the rights of sports teams to use the field. This would be consistent with the neighborhood  park  concept  and  the Jefferson  County  Open  Space policy that the park  is available on a  first come- first served basis.


At the present time, no changes in the control or use of the park are anticipated·. Your board  will continue to monitor park  activity  and  should  it return  to  an  unacceptable  level , the board  will   make  its best  effort to correct the problem.

North Ranch Park